BEST fog lamp for bike

fog lamp for bike

Riding a bike is a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be dangerous. In bad weather conditions, such as fog or rain, riding a bike is even more challenging. HJG Fog Lamp for bike is an essential safety device for your bike that helps improve visibility even in inclement weather.

What are fog lamps?

fog lamp for bike are special types of headlamps designed to improve visibility in poor weather conditions such as fog or rain. These lamps are usually focused at a lower angle than conventional headlamps, preventing diffuse light in fog or rain clouds.

Types of fog lamps

Fog lamps come in two main types:

Halogen fog lamps: These are the most common type of fog lamps. They are cheap and readily available, but they may be less efficient than LED fog lamps.
LED Fog Lamp: LED fog lamps are more efficient and durable. They can also provide brighter light than halogen fog lamps

cheapest and best fog lamp for bike


MaterialAluminium (Metal Body)
Power SourceBattery Powered
Item Weight375 Grams
Mounting TypeBumper
Item Dimensions LxWxH11 x 7 x 10 Centimeters
Auto Part PositionFront
International Protection RatingIPX4
Product Dimensions11L x 10W x 7H Centimeters

5 star40%
4 star20%
3 star15%
2 star7%
1 star18%
MaterialAluminium (Metal Body)
Power SourceBattery Powered
Item Weight375 Grams
Mounting TypeBumper
Auto Part PositionFront

Product Description

This is a 4-inch LED fog light bar for bikes and scooters. Which is designed to provide better visibility in dark and foggy conditions. This light bar has a spot beam pattern that lets you see the road ahead clearly


  • 250% brighter than halogen fog lights
  • Spot beam pattern is good for clear visibility in darkness
  • It is easy to install with the mounting clamp provided
  • Provides high brightness with advanced LED chips and clear PC lens
  • For direct connection to the car from minimum 12V to 32V maximum power.

How do fog lamp for bike work?

Fog lamps work by using a special type of lens that prevents light from diffusing. This helps them improve visibility in bad weather conditions like fog or rain.

Why are fog lamp important?

Fog lamps can help improve visibility in bad weather, which can help reduce accidents. They can help you and other road users see each other quickly and easily.

How to choose fog lamp?

When choosing a fog lamp, consider the following factors:

Type: Choose between halogen or LED fog lamps.
Light power: An ideal fog lamp should have at least 2,000 lumens.
Angle: Fog lamps should be centered at an angle of 15 degrees to 20 degrees.
Compatibility: Fog lamp should be suitable for your bike.

How to install fog lamp?

Installing fog lamps is usually an easy task. Instructions are provided with most fog lamps. Which you can read and install

How to use fog lamp?

When using fog lamp, turn them on only in bad weather conditions. Do not turn them on in good visibility, such as daylight. This increases the life of your lamp and also reduces the cost.

How to take care of fog lamp?

Clean the fog lamp regularly to keep it dust free. Keep in mind to clean its lens only with cotton cloth or paper. If your fog lamps get damaged, replace them immediately.

Benefits of fog lamps

Fog lamps have many benefits, including:

  • Improved Visibility: Fog lamps can help improve visibility in bad weather conditions like fog or rain.
  • Improves Safety: Fog lamps can help reduce accidents.
  • Compatibility: Fog lamps can add a personal touch to your bike.
  • Bad roads: With fog lamp you can travel even on bad roads at night.
  • Protection from animals: With this you can also protect yourself from other animals because animals often roam outside at night.


Fog lamp for bike are an important safety device that can help improve visibility in bad weather. And it can also protect you while riding a bike.

Is it legal to use fog light in bike?

Yes, fog lights are legal to use on bikes in India, but there are some restrictions:
The fog lights must be mounted below the headlight.
The total power consumption of the fog lights must be less than or equal to the power consumption of the headlight.
The fog lights must produce a yellow beam.

Which brand fog lamp is best?


When choosing fog lamps, it is important to consider the following factors:

The type of bulb (halogen, LED, etc.)
The power consumption
The beam pattern
The mounting system

Are fog lights illegal in India?

No, fog lights are not illegal in India, but they must be used in accordance with the restrictions listed above.

Which Colour fog is best?

Yellow fog lights are the best because they scatter less than other colors due to their high wavelength. This makes them more effective at penetrating fog and other airborne particles.

When not to use fog lights?

Fog lights should not be used in clear weather conditions. They can be blinding to oncoming traffic and reduce the rider’s ability to see the road ahead.

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