AC/DC 12V to 80V HJG H4 LED Headlight Bulb with Cooling Fan


Do you ride a bike? And if there is any problem in the headlight of your bike or the light of your bike is less then you can install HJG H4 LED in your bike. This headlight bulb makes a brighter, lighting solution for your car or motorcycle. But is it all hype? You’re probably thinking this? Does it provide real performance benefits? This review sheds light on the internal workings of the HJG H4 LED. We will analyze its advantages and possible shortcomings today. It analyzes user experiences to help you decide if it’s the right upgrade for your vehicle.

What’s inside the HJG H4 LED?

Traditional halogen bulbs produce light by heating the filament to produce light, but the HJG H4 LED uses light emitting diodes (LEDs). These tiny semiconductors convert electrical energy into light more efficiently. Here are the details of HJG LED major components.

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  1. LED Chips

The chips are meant to generate light.
HJG H4 LEDs may contain multiple chips, depending on the model, which are strategically arranged for optimal beam pattern (both low and high beam functions).
LED chips typically use COB (chip-on-board) or CSP (chip-scale package) technology. These are quite modern. This makes the LEDs durable and produce high levels of light.

  1. Heat Sink:

LEDs generate heat according to their efficiency. Heat sinks are used to reduce this heat.
The heat sink, usually made of aluminum, absorbs and dissipates this heat, ensuring that the LEDs function optimally and have a longer lifespan.
Some heat sinks have fins or other features for better heat dissipation. Especially it is designed in such a way that it quickly absorbs the heat generated in the LED so that the life of the LED is longer.

  1. Cooling fan (in some models)

For additional heat management, some HJG LED models incorporate a miniature cooling fan.
It actively dissipates heat with the help of air, allowing the LED to perform effectively even during extended use.
The cooling fan can be an additional source of noise, although it is usually very minor.

  1. Driver Circuit

It controls the electric current supplied to the LEDs, ensuring that the LEDs operate within their specified parameters, and preventing damage caused by voltage fluctuations.
The driver circuit may also include various safety features, such as protection against overheating and short circuit, flashing lights.

  1. Housing

The housing protects all components from dust, moisture and road debris.
The HJG H4 LED typically has a compact design compatible with most headlight assemblies.
The housing may be made of various materials, such as aluminum, plastic or metal. Its size and shape may vary in different models.

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Wattage: 60W – This is a higher wattage rating than standard halogen bulbs which are typically around 35W. Although it may provide bright light, it can also put a strain on your motorcycle’s electrical system if it is not designed for such a wattage.

Operating Voltage: 12V – 80V – This wide voltage range ensures that the HJG H4 LED should attach to most motorcycles.

Light Mode: High Beam & Low Beam – This indicates that the bulb can operate in both high and low beam modes, which is essential for motorcycles.

Installation: Hassle Free – Easy installation is a plus, but some users may find it trickier due to the size or design of the bulb compared to halogen bulbs.

LED Bulbs (Qty): 6 (White and Yellow) – Having separate white and yellow LEDs may be a concern. Although yellow lights may look attractive in fog or specific conditions, they are not generally road legal and can scatter light, reducing visibility. Check your local traffic rules.

Size: 3x3x7.5cm – Make sure this size fits your motorcycle’s headlight assembly. The important thing is that there should be a good connector for a big bulb.

Luminous Flux: 6000L-8000L – Luminous flux indicates the light output. This range suggests a good amount of bright bulbs, but it’s important to consider how the light is focused. Higher lumen rating may never mean better visibility on the road if the beam pattern is poor.

Compatibility: All Motorcycles Easy to install – but keep in mind that not all motorcycles have universal headlight assemblies. Although the bulb may use the H4 connector, it may not perfectly fit all head connectors. Verify fitment before purchase.

HJG H4 LED Headlight Bulb

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5

11 global ratings

5 star  58%
4 star  9%
3 star  13%
2 star 0% (0%) 0%
1 star  20%

Additional Components

Some HJG H4 LED models may contain additional components, such as:

LED Drivers: These provide power to the LEDs and control them.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL): These improve the vehicle’s headlights during the day.

CANbus decoder: These help prevent error messages in some vehicles.

It is important to note that things inside the HJG H4 LED may vary from model to model.

For the latest information, always refer to the product manual for the HJG H4 LED.

HJG H4 LED Product Manual: This manual will provide you with detailed information about the various components of the HJG LED and their functions.
HJG H4 LED Installation Video: There are many videos on YouTube that show you how to install the HJG LED in your vehicle.
Hjg fog light online reviews: Online reviews written by other users can provide you with perspective about the performance and durability of the HJG light.
It is important to note that things inside the HJG H4 LED may vary from model to model. For the latest information, always refer to hjg’s product manual.

Benefits of switching to HJG LED

HJG H4 LED offers several benefits over traditional halogen bulbs. That is why it is being known all over the world today. What are the main benefits of HJG LED that make someone switch to it? It is explained here.

  1. Better Shine

HJG LEDs emit white light that is brighter and more powerful than halogen bulbs.
This improves visibility at night, making driving safer.
LEDs help in better visibility of road signs, lane markings and other vehicles.

  1. Better energy efficiency LEDs use less energy than halogen bulbs.
    This light can improve your vehicle’s fuel and economy.
    LEDs use less electricity than other lights, which puts less strain on the battery. And the vehicle also gets more mileage.
  2. Long Lifespan: The lifespan of LEDs is many times longer than that of halogen bulbs.
    This means you won’t need to replace them frequently.
    These lights last for a very long time, which reduces maintenance costs.

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Potential Drawbacks to Consider

The hjg fog light company offers many benefits, but there are also some potential drawbacks to keep in mind regarding the benefits they offer:

Higher initial cost: Compared to halogen bulbs, HJG LEDs typically have a higher initial cost.
Compatibility Issues: Not all HJG fog light models fit perfectly into every headlight assembly. Before purchasing, double check the size of the bulb and the size of your vehicle.
Shop accordingly.
Beam Pattern Concerns: Some halogen headlight assemblies are designed specifically for halogen bulbs. Replacing them with LED lights can result in less light and scattered beam patterns. It is important to select a HJG H4 LED designed for proper beam projection and to avoid glare from oncoming traffic. This is much better than other headlights.
Heat Management: Most HJG H4 LED models have adequate heat dissipation, overheating problems may occur due to insufficient cooling in typical headlight housings. That’s why while buying any lights, check them carefully.

Star Rating: Rs (4 out of 5 stars)

Based on an analysis of benefits and potential drawbacks, the HJG H4 LED earns a 4 out of 5-star rating. Its impressive brightness, efficiency, longevity and installation make it an attractive upgrade for many drivers. However, there are high initial costs, compatibility concerns, and potential light beam issues to consider. Careful consideration is required before purchase.

what customers are saying

Here’s a glimpse of what HJG H4 LED users have experienced after installing it in their vehicles.

Positive Reviews: Many customers praise the HJG H4 LED for its significantly improved night-time lighting, attractive looks and low power consumption.
Compatibility Concerns: Some users have encountered compatibility issues with their vehicle’s specific headlight assemblies, causing the beam pattern to be narrower than expected.
Installation Challenges: Installation challenges have also been noted due to H4 LEDs being slightly larger than traditional halogen bulbs.

Final Verdict Is the HJG H4 LED Right for You?

Offers an attractive upgrade for drivers wanting a brighter and more efficient yet longer lasting lighting solution. If you drive the car at night then this is best for you. Because even the smallest potholes in front of your vehicle become visible. This saves you before any untoward incident happens. According to me, these lights are most suitable for your vehicle. If you want to buy any other lights apart from this, there are other options available. You can also see all those options

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