HJG Bike Light: a detailed review in 2024


HJG bike light

It is absolutely true that riding a bike is a fun and exciting experience. But it can also be dangerous when you ride in bad weather or low light. This time can be especially challenging. Therefore, it is important that you have a good quality HJG bike light to help keep you safe on the road.

HJG is a popular bike light brand. This brand offers a variety of lights. To review HJG bike lights, we tested different models and took into account their features, performance, and price. So that you can buy an economical and good light of HJG company.

Brand NameHJG
Model NumberHJG 80w with Clamp
Power80W (40W + 40W)
Pack of2 Pcs
ScopeMotorcycles, Cars

Features of HJG Bike Light

HJG bike lights come with a variety of features. Some common features include:

  • Light Colour: HJG bike lights are available in white, yellow and red colors. White light is the most common and is considered best for general riding. If you want to install a regular light in your vehicle, then this is the best option for you.
  • Yellow light is good during fog or rain, it proves better when fog starts appearing in cold weather. While the red light is used to warn the vehicles coming from behind, it is better to put it at the back if you are riding a racing bike or a car.
  • Power: The power of HJG bike lights ranges from 40W to 120W. More powerful lights are brighter, but they can also reduce battery life. Use more power of lights only if your vehicle’s battery is strong, otherwise you will start facing problems in the future.
  • Light Direction: HJG bike lights come with different light directions. Some lights only provide forward illumination, while other lights provide downward illumination as well. The downward facing light can help see road conditions.
  • Waterproofing: HJG bike lights come with various waterproof ratings. Lights with IP67 rating are completely protected from dust and water. You must see this rating so that you can get a good quality light.

HJG bike light performance

We tested various HJG bike lights and found them to perform quite well. The lights were bright and easily seen in a variety of conditions. The lights were also well waterproofed and worked well even in rain or fog. This experience is not only ours, it is the experience of others. Who have been using it for years.

hjg bike lights price

HJG bike lights vary in price. The price of a 40W model starts at around ₹1,000, while the price of a 120W model can go up to around ₹5,000. This price depends on the power of the light.

HJG bike lights evaluation

Overall, we recommend the HJG bike lights. They are good quality, shiny and versatile. They work well in a variety of situations and they’re budget-friendly.

Review of some specific models of HJG bike lights

HJG 40W Mini Driving Fog Lights: This is a budget bike light that offers 40W of power. It is available in white and yellow colors.

ColourOwl Fog Light
Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights
Vehicle Service TypeBikes, Car, Royal Enfield, Jeep
Model Year2022

HJG 80W Dual LED Fog Lamp: This is a more powerful bike light that offers 80W of power. It is available in white and yellow colors.

HJG 120W Y-Type Fog Light: This is a high-performance bike light that offers 120W of power. It is available in white and yellow colors.


If you’re looking for a good quality bike light that will help keep you safe on the road, the HJG is a great choice. HJG bike lights come with a variety of features and price points, so you can find the right light for your needs and budget.

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